Officers Shaken With Emotional Salute To K-9 Dog As He’s Being Carried. This Broke Me.

This story highlights one of those moments that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. When K-9 dog Sultan joined the police department in Yarmouth Maine, he became an integral part of the family, touching the lives and hearts of every officer. This video shows 13-year-old Sultan saying goodbye to his long time police companions before being put to sleep. Sultan lived a long, happy life, but when his dwindling health became unbearable, officers knew what had to be done. To honor the life of Sultan, police officers from across southern Maine made the trip to the veterinary office and stood in formation, saluting their old friend as he was carried past them into the building. This is such an emotional moment for everyone. I definitely shed a few tears when I saw the officers saluting the old dog.

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