OH MY That Sleepy Meerkat Has Stolen Our Hearts…This Is Just Way Too Cute

The fine folks at BBC are known for delivering vivid nature montages that pull at our heartstrings, especially when said videos are narrated by Sir David Attenborough. But this clip is unlike any other.

In this 2017 special, Attenborough takes us through the many natural marvels of our planet, all while reading the lyrics to Louis Armstrong’s classic “What A Wonderful World.” When paired with these striking scenes, the lyrics take on a whole new meaning that has us stunned.

As Attenborough’s soothing tone lulls us into a spellbound trance, we are given an insiders look into the lives of our world’s many inhabitants, including Kalahari meerkats, oceanside penguins, and moonlit owls. What a beautiful reminder of all the creatures we share our planet with.

At the very last clip, we are treated to a playful scene featuring none other than the famed narrator himself. After watching this montage, we think Attenborough puts it best with his closing remarks: our world is “quite simply wonderful.”

OH MY That Sleepy Meerkat Has Stolen Our Hearts...This Is Just Way Too Cute