Oh, okay, I like this place: dog overjoyed to discover new home has a pool

Moving is almost always a stressful process, emotionally fraught and with a thousand things big and small that can go wrong. But if you’re a human, you at least know what’s going on. For pets it can be a truly frightening experience. A West highland terrier named Christy had a nice surprise when he and his human parents moved to Florida.

Lovingly known as the “Westie,” the West Highland terrier originally hails from Scotland and has long been extremely popular in Britain — around 1900, a purebred Westie would set you back the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars in today’s money! So beloved is the Westie that advertisers have used them to attract customers to everything from dog food to Scotch whiskey. Westies were once employed for rodent control and the way a modern-day Westie constantly hunts his toys is a reminder of just how strong the breed’s prey drive is. While generally quite intelligent, if stubborn, the Westie personality varies considerably from one individual dog to another. Westies can get along with children, but they really don’t like rough handling. So remember, kids: no ear or tail tugging!

There are breeds of dog that are obsessed with the water: if they see a pool or pond, nothing can stop them from running and jumping in. Golden retrievers are a prime example and West Highland terriers are another. As you’ll see in the video posted below, when Christy arrived at the new house in Florida, she looked out the window and saw the swimming pool. She went completely bonkers, jumping around by the patio door, in essence saying, “Open the door! Let me out!” You’ll love what happens next.

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