Ohio company adopts shelter kittens to keep employees’ moral up

Cats at work are a furry treat for employees who cannot keep pets due to certain restrictions or because their career does not permit time for pets. However, an Ohio company recently sheltered two tabby kittens.

They even came up with names for the two kittens: Debit and Credit. However, after a few days, the company decided to adopt the two kittens to boost employee morale.

Employees at this company in Ohio loved these furry coworkers. The two kept playing with the telephone cables and boxes all day long to keep them occupied at the office. The two kittens were inseparable and always played with one another.

The company adopted the little ones from an animal shelter as they felt it would increase happiness and workplace productivity. In addition, many employees who did not have pets found it quite interesting.

According to various researches, furry friends in the work environment improve interoffice communication as people speak more around these innocent animals. Moreover, people felt less stressed around the felines thanks to the office kittens, who calmed down the employees when they cuddled up to them.

Even the kittens enjoyed the new setup as they played with boxes and got treats. The little ones felt safe, and the office even ensured they stayed comfortable and happy.

There were minor issues like the kittens playing with telephone cords and sometimes walking on keyboards. However, everyone seemed to be happy to accept these minor issues because that gave them access to these innocent fur babies 24/7.

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Ohio company adopts shelter kittens to keep employees’ moral up