Old Cowboy Calls For His Horses, But Watch What They Did! They’re STUNNING!

There are currently hundreds of rescued Mustang horses running free for the first time in their whole lives in the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, and it’s all thanks to a very brave cowboy. On this sanctuary, horses can run and gallop on untouched, pure American land as they did hundreds of years ago, before civilization took over almost all of their home.

The land in which the sanctuary was built is one of the wildest places that remain in the United States, located in South Dakota, very near to the Cheyenne River. There are no cars or people making a lot of noise, there’s no pollution, and no dangers of the civilized life. Just a great green space for the horses to live without a worry in their hearts, free as they deserve to be.

The following video showcases the amazing work that a man has done to help wild horses that still remain living in America today. His name is Dayton O’Hyde, and he’s a real-deal, down to business cowboy that doesn’t play around when it comes to the life of horses. He has had this 11,000 acre sanctuary since the early 90’s, and when it comes to horse rescuing, no one comes near him.

You can watch his amazing story in the video right below.

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