Old dog waited 5-days in the snow – the reason why will shock you!

Without a doubt, dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet and will remain faithful even in the face of rejection. Unfortunately, we still have those nasty pieces of work who have the temerity to call themselves human beings, who insist on abandoning loving family pets and leaving them to fend for themselves. It’s especially infuriating when they don’t even take the trouble to bring the poor animal to a shelter.

That’s what happened with Carla, who was continually spotted waiting patiently in the snow around a neighborhood in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Even in such terrible weather conditions, this lonely pooch was showing her loyalty – fully expecting her family to come back. For 5 days the poor animal gave watch – but to no avail. Eventually, concerned residents contacted Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue.

Janine arrived on the scene only to discover the animal had no intention of being “rescued,” such was her dedication to her family and how much she was convinced they would be coming back. Every time Janine attempted to catch her, Carla would shoot off, even ignoring the treats the rescuer had brought to try to tempt her in from the cold!

The drama continued when a number of other locals had tried to catch the dedicated pooch, but to no avail, and Janine eventually had to put the call out for people to stop approaching the animal and scaring her off. Janine was convinced that Carla would come in her own time – perhaps when she finally realised her family had abandoned her.

And she was right. After days of cat and mouse (more like dog and human) Janine eventually managed to bring Carla to the safety and warmth of her car – and you’ll see this wonderful moment in the video below. She was taken to a medical centre for a check-up and discovered to have frostbite and was underweight. It was estimated she was around 10-years-old.

Carla recovered well in the care of a foster team who will soon be able to put her up for adoption and find her a forever home. But shame on whoever left this poor animal alone in the snow. If you can no longer look after an animal for whatever reason, at the very least you should take it to a care shelter and they can find a proper home for these loyal creatures. Contact Speranza Animal Rescue – or any other rescue center for more information.