This Old’ Hound HATES His Medication. When Dad Says “Time for Medicine,” Denver’s Face is Priceless.

Thankfully, medical technology has advanced to the point that we’ve been staying alive long, living in better conditions for long, and mentally being aware of things happening around us for longer. With all the advancements, we can save countless lives, we can stop a pester some cold, or even delay the departure of a dear, lifelong friend.

Denver has some greys, but that doesn’t make him old. Sure, he poots when he gets up and his knees creak, but hey he’s got plenty of life left in him. He gets up almost as though he knows what time it is. The time he dreads every day. The time that makes his lips curl and muscles tenses. It’s time for medication. He tries to quickly escape, but Dad quickly praises him for getting up to take his medicine and get it over with.

The reluctance in his turn has been noted, as he slowly begrudgingly approaches loving dad. He takes no solace in the uncomfortable feeling and he would NEVER want Denver to have pain that stayed with him throughout his day. He just wants his best buddy to have the fullest life possible so he can cherish the memories they’ve had together.

“Time for your medicine,” Dad says in a sing-song voice. When you see his reaction! Ha-ha Like Broccoli!
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