This Old Hound Realized This Tiny Baby Would Crash Into Him; The Action He Takes Is Heroic, Amazing!

It is the most beautiful day outside so, this close-knit family decided to have a pool party! They invite their friends, family, and neighbors. They grill only the most delectable hamburgers and perfectly charred hotdogs for their loyal compatriots. They even have tempeh and tofu to accommodate everyone. The family dog runs in the background, joyfully playing with the energetic kids.

As the wind blows, this pooch puts his adorable twitching nose up to the wind. As he breathes in the aromas of meats and chlorine this perky dog sees something, a reflection of some sort. He approaches this newly found, unidentifiable flying object, with the most caution and curiosity. The closer he gets to the intangible orb, the shinier it becomes. He gallops over to where he sees his mama, but something does not seem right, something is off. He carefully watches her as she moves her arms in a strange precise manner.

With an abundance of panic and courage, the graceful dog leapt up to viciously attack this obvious foe to his friends and family. Foes to the entire neighborhood that would not slip past, nor would the dog yield his comfortable life. Through the air he gently glided, mouth and eyes open wide. With a gigantic chomp and a feeling of accomplishment, he ever so slowly returned to the Earth. Completely oblivious to him was what was hidden underneath him, hiding in plain sight all along. Completely oblivious to what was above her, the tiniest daughter of the family.

A sudden panic erupts from the distance. As tears and wails of the most painful injury and dispersed to the crowd. When this massive dog collides into this littlest baby girl her reaction was impressive, I could not believe it. Unsure of how to console her poor, confused baby girl, this loving mom resorts to something I would never have thought of. What did you think of how the mom handled it? What are your thoughts? We would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below!

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