An old lady steps on stage to say a prayer. When she starts speaking, she leaves the audience LOL!

A comedic star is born every year. Some of them take years to develop their acts while some of them seem to just have it in them. You can always tell when a comedian is a natural or he is one that had a team of writers brainstorm a few ideas and come up with a script the actual comedian must read and still sound spontaneous. Do they actually do that?

I mean, if that is true, then comedians are more actors than very funny people, right? I always thought that comedy is supposed to be a spontaneous act. Most of my favorite comedians are like that, or at least they look like they are. Seinfeld is a comedian that I always love to watch. What makes this man unique is that he is one of the few that doesn’t curse in his act.

I guess that’s why he’s the comedian who’s been to more presidential parties than anyone else. I guess in a way, comedians are like girlfriends or boyfriends, the minute you see some of them you know that you’re not going to be introducing them to your parents. But Seinfeld has a very polished act that never gets old. I used to watch his show every day until they stopped showing it.

I also went to see him once at a theater and have watched a lot of his shows on the Internet. He’s one of those comedians that I like to call ‘descriptive’. He starts telling his jokes but describes everything about the joke. You get to listen to what the scenery was like, what the guy was feeling if there was a hot-dog stand and what the specials were.

Other comedians like Chris Rock are more the ‘in-your-face’ type of comedians. They tell things as they are and don’t spend any time sugar-coating anything for you. If they curse they curse and that’s how it is. Both styles are hilarious, so it bottoms up to personal taste. To be honest, I like Seinfeld’s style a lot more. Plus, the fact that you can listen to him with the family.

The woman in the following video is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. She is 72 years old and is as funny as they get. She has been invited to say a prayer at one of the local awards ceremonies. You know, those ones that usually get very boring about 1 hour into them. So, she decided she would brighten everyone’s day for a change. And she would do it, with a very special prayer. Watch!