The Old Man Decided To Get A Tattoo Portrait Of His Wife To Commemorate 59th Anniversary!

Arthur and Patricia Burch have been married for almost 60 years! They met when they were just teenagers. Arthur used to watch his beloved skate in the roller rink, after some time the two began dating, and a year later they were married. To celebrate their latest anniversary the Dothan, AL, man did something unexpected, the thing he hadn’t done before. At least it is not a common thing for a 76-year-old man!

In order to commemorate his everlasting love for Patricia, Arthur went to the Good Luck Tattoo & Piercing Parlor on Montgomery Highway, where he met a tattoo artist – Don Childree. The loving husband decided to make a tattoo of his wife’s beautiful face on his chest. Don was really surprised as he had never tattooed someone his age before. The tattoo master said that it was the most touching experience of his career. Now it’s perfectly clear that no one has loved anybody the way that Arthur loves his dear Patricia!

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