An old man’s lonely Christmas turns into an important lesson about family

Modern living has had some ironic effects on families. People have become more mobile so the days when entire families lived in the same town (or village) are long gone. It’s now very common for families to be dispersed across entire countries and even beyond. It’s true that modern technology like airplanes, telephones, and video chats make it possible for people to stay in touch, but at the same time, the distractions of modern life make it easy to get out of touch. It’s all too easy for someone to be left alone on an important occasion by their family, through a kind of absent-mindedness.

Many companies have used Christmas as an occasion to come up with clever, touching, or funny television commercials. The German supermarket company Edeka went the beautiful-and-touching route, producing an advertisement that delivers an important message about the value of family.

At the beginning of Edeka’s commercial, an old man is listening to merry Christmas messages from his family on his answering machine. He’s clearly all alone and feeling sad about it. All he has to do is look out the window and he can see members of another family arriving at their house, hugging each other joyously. He cooks himself a Christmas dinner and sits down at his dining table to eat it, still alone and looking morose. So he decides to resort to drastic measures. Let’s just say that when his kids and grandkids finally do show up, they get quite the surprise.

We’ve posted the short but powerful video for you below. It’s an emotional roller coaster and may well bring a tear or two to your eyes.

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