These Old Presidential-Insults Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!

An insult is an expression, statement or sometimes behavior which is disrespectful or scornful. Insults may be intentional or accidental. An insult may be factual, but at the same time pejorative.

Sociologists suggest that insults are often an indicator of flawed reasoning about the character or motivation of others. Though insults are common, and often used in jest, a fundamental axiom of sociology recognizes that derogatory forms of speech make erroneous attributions about the motivation of a person.

What qualifies as an insult is also determined both by the individual social situation and by changing social mores.

What constituted an insult back in the day? These quotes from past presidents and candidates will give you a few clues.

Anything can be an insult if presented in the right way! These witty responses aren’t always catchy, but in their day they were some of the most cutting words, especially when you consider that they were uttered by the POTUS and presidential candidates in each case.

Presidential candidates have a long history of spreading wild rumors and calling each other terrible names. For example, during their campaigns, Thomas Jefferson likened John Adams to a hermaphrodite and Abraham Lincoln called Stephen Douglas a child.

The quotes in this video live up to the hype and some even go beyond. And, they provide some verbose examples of presidential wit throughout history. There are even a couple of curse words, so beware! Have a look at some of these presidential insults in the video below.

What do you think of the insults used by these presidential candidates? Which one do you like the most? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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