Old Rescued Elephants Act Like Kids When They See The River For The FIRST Time In Years! Aww!

Cool baths are one of the best things ever during summer season, and so is swimming at the lake. And as this video shows, humans are not the only ones that enjoy a little fun in the water. Elephants love playing in it as much as we do, and after being away from the water for so long, these elephants decide to take full advantage of the river at the sanctuary.

This clip features a wonderful moment from an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and it will no doubt warm your heart. These elephants in this clip have a long and not-so-happy history, but fortunately for them, they were rescued and can now live out their days having fun and doing what elephants are meant to do.

The two old elephants in the clip below are named Madee and Kannika. They were rescued from long lives of hard labor and brought to Phuket Elephant Sanctuary quite recently. It has been many years since these two had the chance to bathe naturally in the river, almost totally submerged.

This is their first time in many years playing in a river. The way they have fun is truly precious! I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw how happy they looked! When they dip their heads and almost their entire bodies under water with the end of their trunk sticking out the water, I had to laugh because I was so happy for them. I can just imagine how good the mud feels between their toes after being on dry land for so long.

Watch the video below! What did you think about these two elephants’ antics in the river? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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