Old School Bus Turns Into Cozy Wooden Tiny Home on Wheels

Nestled on the open road, there’s a rolling sanctuary named Nancy – a tiny house on wheels like no other. With only 39K views, the video tour of this haven captivates, revealing a beautifully crafted DIY skoolie belonging to Nick. With 300 square feet of innovative space, this skoolie isn’t just a bus; it’s a love story between a man and his passion for mobile living.

Nick wasn’t always the proud owner of a skoolie. In fact, for years, he tried various forms of nomadic living before realizing that a bus was his ideal mobile home. But once he did, every inch of his bus was a labor of love. From the kitchen boasting an extensive counter space and a three-burner stove to a giant L-shaped couch ideal for entertaining, every corner of Nancy resonates with Nick’s journey and commitment to making it perfect.

One might ask, why “Nancy”? The wood detailing, resonant of a cozy cabin, carries its own story. An old friend in Moab, who has witnessed the evolution of the place since the 50s, had gifted Nick some ratty-looking 4x4s. When cut open, these beams revealed themselves as stunning pieces, each now a stripe inside the bus. It was this connection, this story, and the name of that dear friend, Nancy, that the bus inherited.

For many of us, the idea of living on the road sounds challenging. But through the thoughtful design of this tiny house, we realize that it’s more than feasible – it’s enviable. You can almost smell the aroma of cookies baking in Nick’s prized oven as you read about his culinary adventures in the bus. The narrative then gracefully moves to his love for entertaining – a feeling the spacious design and inviting L-shaped couch evoke so well. It makes you wonder: Can I fit eight of my friends in my living room comfortably?

Yet, it isn’t just about amenities; it’s about a lifestyle. Nancy is complete with photos, personal knickknacks, and even a special nook for Gnarly, Nick’s blind dog. Nick’s emphasis on keeping things consistent for her, like the water bowl’s unchanging spot, highlights the genuine care and thought put into making this bus a home for both of them.

Nick’s story isn’t just about a love for the road. It’s about self-discovery, starting over, and finding home in the most unexpected places. From his first road trip during his honeymoon to selling his dog daycare for a remote job, to getting divorced and finding solace on the road, every mile he’s traveled has been a step toward finding himself and his true home.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by tiny house living or nomadic lifestyles, there’s a lesson to be taken from Nick. You don’t need to go big initially. Start where you are, with what you have, and let the journey guide you.

Because the best stories aren’t just about destinations, but also about the roads traveled, we invite you to watch the tour of Nancy, Nick’s beautiful skoolie. Share this story with friends because everyone deserves to know that with passion, creativity, and perseverance, home can be wherever you make it.

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Old School Bus Turns Into Cozy Wooden Tiny Home on Wheels