Kids Won’t Stop Texting At Dinner, So “Old School” Dad Comes Up With A Hilarious Plan!

Funny Texting VideoSometimes it takes a humorous lesson to make your point.

There is no doubt that cell phone usage is eroding family time, especially at the dinner table.

But the question is how to get through to the younger generation who check their phones multiple times a day.

In this video that depicts a typical family supper, two of the children spend time with their phones instead of conversing with their parents.

Funny Texting Video - Dad Typwriter

Instead of a lecture, Dad takes an unusual approach. He resorts to an ingenious a low tech solution.

The two children glance up when they hear a very noisy clacking coming from Dad’s end of the table.

He is banging on a device they have seen only in movies. He is typing a letter on an old fashion typewriter!

When the kids start to complain, they suddenly realize what the lesson is all about and decided to put away their cell phones.

The moral of the story is that family conversation is much more important than checking your phone. Very clever, Dad.

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