Older Bear Gets Brand New Roommate In His Zoo Exhibit. It’s Not What People Expected.

There are some odd couples out there. Felix Unger and Oscar Madison, for example. I’ve seen television shows about things like a cat, a dog, and a mouse all hanging out together. This were real animals too, not some animated sit-com. It was weird… the dog would walk around with the cat on his back, and then the mouse on the cat. The animal pairing that this video highlights has that beaten, though.

People who visited the Folsom City Zoo in California got quite a surprise when they saw that a bear exhibit got a new visitor. No, it wasn’t a baby cub. Instead, a feral cat had decided that he liked the food that was left there and started eating it. He then also made it his home and he has a roommate… a very large bear named Sequoia. With a name like that, you know that this guy is BIG.

Fear not, Zoo visitors. Little Bear is in no danger of ever taking a journey down Sequoia’s gullet. If the bear ever did start eying him as a meal, he’d whip out those claws and make his face pay a dear price. The two may be friends, but that doesn’t mean that the feline’s not going to defend himself. He got to reach an advanced age for a feral cat for a reason – he’ll stand his ground if he has to.

The unifying theme between the two seems to be that they are older and enjoy laying around in the shade. It’s like “Grumpy Old Men” except that it’s a cat and a bear instead of Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Maybe they could make an animated movie about it: “Sequoia and Little Bear.” Robert DeNiro and Bill Murray could do the voices. Hey, if they do make this movie and it make money, I’d like a cut of the box office pie… thanks.

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