Older Brother Starts Singing Song To Newborn Sister. Her Reaction Is Priceless.

Brother-sister relationships can be tricky. There are times that they love the living daylights out of each other and have each other’s backs. On the other hand, some days, mom and dad might worry that they are going to have to bail one of them out of jail, they are so mad at each other. That’s definitely not the case with this video that shows an older brother serenading his newborn sister.

We see the brother, who looks like he could be four or so, sitting on the floor, leaning against a sofa. He’s got a boppy pillow and his newborn sister is leaning against it. Soon, he starts singing Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful To Me.” His sister is paying close attention and he even strokes her face during it. Afterwards, he kisses the top of her head. At least their parents will have a memory of this saved to watch on the days that they are fighting like cats and dogs when they are older.

It’s so cute to see him singing this to his sister. She’s mesmerized by his singing. Also, her being mesmerized means that she’s much less likely to start crying, so this is a win-win for the mommy and daddy, at least for a little bit. They get to have some peace and relative quiet, which is worth its weight in gold with a newborn. It’s clear that these two will grow up to have quite the bond.

I don’t know if some law was secretly passed that all older brothers must sing this their newborn sisters. I wrote about another video with the same song. It’s entirely possible that I may have been sleeping the day the law passed. If we were ever to give our son a sister, would the police break down the door if he didn’t sing it in a certain time frame? All kidding aside, this is a very sweet video. Kudos to the older brother for being welcoming.

Sibling love is a very sweet thing to watch. Have you had anything like this happen with your brother or sister? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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