Older Brother Tries To Entertain Baby With Magic. I Cracked Up At What Came Next!

Trying to keep a baby occupied can be quite a trying task. I remember trying to keep my son occupied and what would work one day wouldn’t work the next day. I think that’s what my hair gray a little bit faster than normal. The good thing is that you don’t have to break the bank to occupy the little guys. For example, the only place that one needed to go to keep the tyke in this video amused was the bathroom.

We see an older brother sitting with a baby brother. The older brother is trying to entertain the little one with some magic tricks. Since the baby looks only a couple months old at the most, there’s not a need for anything really elaborate. In fact, toilet paper seems to be doing the trick. Older brother reaches over, rips out a square of toilet paper, makes a fist and then waves his hands and presto! The toilet paper

The baby brother has the most awestruck look on his face. Where did the bathroom tissue go? WOW. Magic! He wants to try it again. This time, the older brother lets him push the paper into his hand. Paper… gone! Again, the baby’s expression is one of amazement. “Why doesn’t this guy have his own TV show?” Well, if babies knew what a TV show actually was… but it just goes to show you the simple things are the best things.

This works on two levels. A brother is bonding with another brother. This baby will grow up and know that he has a friend as well as a sibling. They may continue to play games and other things as the years go by. It’s also going to be an incredible memory for both of them. Years later, they can watch this video and reminisce. Maybe one day, the older brother can show his younger brother how the trick is actually done…

What a cute video! Weren’t both of them adorable? Did you do tricks like this with your siblings? Tell us some of them in the comments section below!


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