OMG, He’s Concealing THIS Kitten In A Bag Like Contraband, Somebody Call The Police!

Can a slideshow be as captivating as a video? Check out this gem by SlideShow ForFun and see for yourself. It’s not only fun but very moving and inspirational.

It’s about time for Casey Shaw to go out skateboarding, so he got in the car and drove to the park. The skateboard stays in the car always. At the park, it didn’t take long on the skateboard for Casey to come across the most piteous little kitten he had ever laid eyes on.

The filthy kitten was alone and confused. It was so tiny that it could have been prey to a hawk. Casey remembered the crate in his car and went back to get it. He put the kitten in the crate and the crate in the car and off they went to a vet. While driving, in a spurt of inspiration Casey named the kitten after his favorite actress, Margot.

At the vet, the sniffling and sneezing Margot was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, an eye infection, and mites. But with medications and care, Margot bounced back within a few days. It’s amazing what a change of circumstance to the better can do a person’s soul and body.

As you can see, Margot is now fully grown. Looking at the picture of this gorgeous adult cat it’s hard to believe how she used to look as a kitten. Casey could have ended the slideshow right here but he decided to grow philosophical.

He philosophized: While Margot was very lucky that we crossed path, my heart breaks for the other stray animals that are less lucky. It was you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears.

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