Babysitting Beagle Never Had To Be Taught How To Love A Baby… THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!

Charlie the beagle is one of the cutest dogs you will see. When his family decided to have a little daughter, Charlie became her big brother. Watching him put a blanket on his sister is absolutely heartwarming. Watch the video to see what I mean!

Aren’t those two amazing?! They play so well together. It’s as if the baby can understand Charlie better than anyone, and vice versa. The way they play tug of war, roll around and cuddle, when the baby feeds Charlie, it’s like those two speak!

This is a great example of why animals and babies should belong together. The animals instinctively know that they should protect the baby and they do. They take it in as one of their own. And the babies love it! The baby would look at Charlie and smile, you never heard her cry around him!

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