OMG! This Golden Retriever Puppy Sees A Friend In A Spoon! SOOO CUTE!

Seriously, you have to check this super-cute puppy, Sunny, having a go at the spoon!

At the beginning of the video the golden retriever puppy is very sceptical about the spoon’s presence and she must be thinking that the spoon is a disguised animal or human that she can play with.

Sunny’s parent dropped the spoon accidentally while unloading the dishwasher, and when he turned around he saw Sunny’s adorable reaction. She attempts to approach it, bites at it with no response from the spoon.

Then, Sunny starts to bark for attention, as she makes the spoon flip and scares herself a bit.  By the end of the video Sunny looks more and more annoyed at the apathy she has to deal with. She only needs a friend to play with, come on spoon!

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