Once scared of kittens, dog becomes proudest foster mom

Do you love animals? If so, this video is for you. This video features a dog named a beautiful Collie dog named Phoebe who once had a fear of cats but is now, with supervision, helping to nurture a litter of kittens. She licks them and cleans them, and watches over them. The little black kitten looks so precious, pawing at the pup’s face! Phoebe even plays with them, dragging a cat wand on the ground with the kittens following her.

Phoebe herds one of the kittens as if teaching them to follow her, and they go exploring together and climb up and down rocks outside. She loves to run around with them, and they have many adventures together. The music in the background is so serene and sublime. It makes you feel so good. Phoebe loves to lay her head at the end of the kitten’s little basket bed and watch them, as she loves these babies.

The way the pup looks at these kittens so adoringly is so precious! The kittens look up to her and love her right back. There is a clip of Phoebe and one of the kittens wearing matching hats, and it is so adorable and photogenic! It is inspiring and wonderful to see Phoebe’s transformation from a dog who was once afraid of kittens to taking such good care of and loving them.

She and the kittens will surely be in each other’s lives for the long haul! She even sleeps with them! Phoebe is genuinely an excellent foster mom to these little angels. Phoebe is guiding them and helping them on their journey in life. Ultimately, she receives yet another box of foster kittens to love! Watch this video to see something that will melt your heart and make you feel light!

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Once scared of kittens, dog becomes proudest foster mom