When One Bird Needs To Get His Point Across! The Adorable Squawking of One Feathered Baby Is Too Much!

There was a friend of mine in grad school who had a cockatiel. This bird was friendly, but it also found my hearing aid and thought it would be fun to peck at it. I had to have her taken away pretty fast. I’ve never forgotten that experience though. Bonding with a bird can be very fun. We learn that by watching this video of a cockatoo and his daddy in deep conversation with each other.

The cockatoo is perched on the guy’s hand while he’s slouched on the sofa. They’re deep in conversation. It’s obvious that they have a strong bond. They probably do this daily or at least weekly. I don’t know how I’d feel about that bird gripping my hand. I also can’t have birds since I have two cats. Then the cockatoo would just be flying around yelling at me, “KEEP THOSE CATS AWAY!!” and that’s just not social at all.

The thing with cockatoos is that you can’t just leave them in a cage. They like being with people and talking with them. You can even have a conversation of sorts, like this daddy. He’s just telling joke after joke and the bird is EATING IT UP. Talk about a receptive audience. Receptive, not captive. If this were a comedy club, he’d be getting a standing ovation. It’s an important social moment for the cockatoo.

This daddy is doing right by his bird. He knows his responsibility and he’s doing his best to uphold that. Raising a bird can be tough. They want to be social at some of the worst times. Good for the guy for realizing that but continuing to make him feel wanted. There should be a TV show with these two on Comedy Central – they show enough stand-up comics that they could squeeze this guy in. I’d love to see them on a late-night show too.

The cockatoo was so adorable, don’t you think? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!

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