One Of His Dogs Made A Mess! You Won’t Believe The Dog’s Reaction!

The plethora of adorable pet videos is definitely one of the best things about the internet age. We can see them making friends with unlikely pals, dancing, being heroes or just generally fooling around. These videos can make you laugh or cry, but they will always move you! The video below is a classing amongst the host of viral hit videos about dogs that have broken through the ranks. If you haven’t seen him before, this is Denver, the Labrador, he screwed up, but he is really very sorry!

You can hear the pet-parent confront all the other pups about the damage, the victim, a box of cat treats, the suspect, our endearing Denver! He is a darling, but this pup has a proven record as cat treat consumer. So when his owner decided to investigate about the stolen treats? Things get exceptionally hilarious! He first asks Denver’s sibling Macy if she did it, but the girl looks like she doesn’t have any connection to the crime. Then he turns the camera on to Denver, and it clears quite instantly who the culprit is.

Watch this pooch’s hilarious expression of guilt in the video below! His attitude will probably remind you of your pets when they do something wrong!

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