One Early Morning, a Rooster Began Crowing. But When You Hear Him? I Can’t Believe My Ears!

Animals really can throw us for a loop at times. They can be amazing hilarious out of nowhere! Just naturally being themselves, their own quirky and unique selves.

It’s not intentional at all, yet the innocence seems to leave you in an uproar over the simplest action, noise, or reaction! One such rooster will guarantee to leave you in stitches. We go on to the farm for this next bit that has us laughing out loud,  this’ll be one of the funniest things you have ever seen.

We all know the spiel when it comes to roosters? They wake up to catch the worm. Very early in the dawn they announce that it is time for everyone to acknowledge the time, the time is now! The time to get up is now! They make sure we carpe diem (seize the day) every day. They make sure everyone gets an early start everyday!

Thanks to one hilarious rooster we can look at it from an entirely new perspective. When once the sounds, a rooster made meant time to work, it appears one rooster has a different approach to starting each day. Man, does he let you know exactly how he starts each day and personally, I think it’s a good piece of advice! If everyone started out their day with this hilarious rooster, I’m sure we’d all be better off!

One Early Morning, a Rooster Began Crowing. But When You Hear Him? I Can\'t Believe My Ears!