One family performs ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and the vocals are “WOW!”

One of Broadway’s most loved musicals meets the family with unmatched talent. The LeBaron family sings an unforgettable medley of songs from the famous theater performance, The Phantom of the Opera.

The members of the LeBaron family love to sing together and share their love of music with the world. In this video, they perform a variety of songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece.

Beginning with the title song, the three LeBaron women join together in a beautiful chorus singing about the haunting presence of Christine Daae’s dreams. Then the spotlight turns to a solo number.

One of the women takes the stage by herself to perform the number “Think of Me.” She ends on a perfectly executed high operatic note that will send your soul soaring.

Now it is the men’s turn to shine. They use their rich baritone voices to give life to “The Music of the Night.” Next up is the love song between Christine and Raoul entitled “All I Ask of You.”

The skill level is turned up as three of the family members each take on a central role. They perform the ensemble piece “Past the Point of No Return” and “Down Once More.”

With all the family members coming together at the end to sing the final reprise of “Music of the Night,” you will want to stand and clap when they finish.

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One family performs \'Phantom of the Opera\' and the vocals are \