In One Heartwarming Moment, Glen Campbell Recognizes His Oldest Son. I’m CRYING!

When Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, shockwaves rippled out through the country music world. Fans watched with sadness as he made his last rounds on his Farewell Tour, and was later placed in a long-term care facility in Nashville.

In March of this year, Glen’s wife Kim released a statement, revealing that he had lost most of his ability to communicate and recognize people. But in one miraculous moment, Glen remembered someone very special who visited him recently.

Glen and Kim have three children together, but Glen has five more children from previous marriages. His oldest two, Debby and Travis, made news recently due to a law initiated in Tennessee in May.

These two claim Kim has been preventing them from seeing their father ever since he was admitted to care. The new law “protects a person who have become wards of the State or who have conservators controlling their finances, day to day living, and visitation.” Which means Debby and Travis have free reign to visit their father.

They’ve taken full advantage of the law, and in one startling moment, their visit seemed to spark deep recognition from Glen. Travis took to his Facebook page after visiting Glen, and wrote: “Had a great visit with dad today, my heart melted when he was looking right in my eyes, a big smile came over his face and he said, ‘I sure love you son.'”

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