Dog found relaxing in hot tub… and 3 million people wish they were him!

This pup loves the jet in the hot tub against his back. He will hop in and press against the jet and croon his pleasure. This time he was at it for five minutes!

There’s no arguing that a hot tub sounds good! Even right now, I can just imagine sitting back and relaxing in that bubbling, soothing water. It just makes the day’s stress disappear. Trust me, I know a thing or two about hot tubs and cause I married a sports therapist!

But I digress. Nearly 3 million people have seen the clip you’re about to watch and you’ll understand why everybody is sharing this video. It’s so relatable when you watch it. The stress will just melt away when you do.

This is the perfect video to wash your troubles away especially if you had a rough day. When those days come hopefully we are lucky enough to have a hot tub or even take a hot shower. One pooch has taken this advice to heart. He can’t seem to get enough of this hot tub madness. He sits and when you see his reaction to the blowing jets, you’ll fall over laughing, grabbing your sides!

The hot tub brings about a bit of calm to our lives as the heat reduces the tension in the muscles we have used all day long, to fulfill hard and difficult tasks. When something as beneficial as a hot tub comes up, most aren’t reluctant to jump into the great stress reliever.

Many athletes as well as laborers or hard workers know the health benefits associated with hot tubs. The heat reduces the day’s stress and releases the tension we’ve held in all day. Most tend to follow this up with moisturizer as hot tubs tend to make your skin a bit dry.

That’s my two cents on it anyway. Yet, one precious pooch really seems to have the time of his life! When you see his cute face, you’ll be doubled over in laughter!

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