One of the judges told him to get a singing teacher. This time, it would be payback!

The show, “Britain’s Got Talent is full of emotions and nerve-wrecking auditions. It has seen the birth of many singers and it was the one that started the whole craze around the world. The very first audition I saw, was the one with Susan Boyle. She became the absolute ‘Queen of the Internet’ when the world got to see her first audition video.

She looked like your typical housewife from a small village or town. When she was asked what her dream was, she said it was to be a professional singer. Then Simon asked her why her dream had not worked out in the past, and she said that it had been because she had not been given the chance before, but that she hoped that everything would change that day.

She also hoped to be as successful as Elaine Paige, a very famous English singer. The music starts and when she starts singing, the judges’ eyes open wide in amazement. How could that voice be coming out of her? And she had chosen a big song to perform, too. The song ends, and she receives a standing ovation from everyone. Even the toughest judges had nothing but high praise for her. In the end, she got a “yes” from all the judges and went on to win the competition.

Another pleasant surprise on the show was the audition for the duet of Charlotte and Jonathan. They were good friends that decided to step on the biggest competition stage available. At first glance, they looked very different from each other, especially in the way they were dressed. Charlotte was dressed a little bit nicer, more suited for the occasion, while Jonathan wore some baggy pants and a rock t-shirt. They were also very young, Charlotte was 16, while Jonathan was 17.

They were asked if their duet had a name, and not surprisingly they responded it was “Charlotte and Jonathan.” They said that it had been their singing teacher that suggested they sing together. Simon noticed that Charlotte was the one answering all the questions, and asked Jonathan if he was shy, but it was very clear to everyone in attendance that he was. After that introduction, the music started, and they started singing. As soon as they did, everyone was shocked in amazement at Jonathan’s voice. It was the sharpest, most educated tenor voice they had ever heard. Jonathan was even told that he should audition without Charlotte, which he refused by the way.

Well, the contestant in the next video is no stranger to being told he was not good enough. He had auditioned a couple of years before and had been told by one of the judges that he couldn’t sing. After that failed audition, and as suggested by that same judge, he got a singing teacher and started to work with him. He felt more confident this time and had the support of his parents like last time. He told Simon that he was back, and everything that had happened last time. What followed next, is one of the greatest first auditions I have ever seen. It even got a Golden Buzzer!