When One Mom Runs Out of Money to Celebrate Birthday. One Mean Stranger Gets His Just Deserts.

Karma isn’t a foreign idea to most now- a-days. Some people are fueled by the idea, making sure every action they take leads on a path to good karma coming back to them. To be a good person really isn’t too hard, but it does take some extra effort on everyone’s behalf. It may not always be as simple to see the correct path or action you need to take at one given instance. There are so many factors that add up to the unbiased truth that a lot of people can take their version and change it completely.

One rich snob decided that he simply didn’t have time for a single mom to slow up his flow. While waiting behind the mother, her decided to make her feel bad because she wasn’t necessarily as fast as some of the other customers. Upon her card being declined that wave of embarrassment had clearly washed over her. She hadn’t bought a bunch of groceries, she had mostly the basics. Most of us have been in a situation of struggle, one of the most notable being the Great Depression.

This mother had all the basics as well as a birthday cake. It appeared that today was her child’s birthday. Yet, she couldn’t pay for the cake with what she had on her. That’s definingly a difficult situation to move through. Frustrating and stressful. Yet, karma can make the most amazing comebacks. As the man behind the woman, who was now fumbling through her purse somewhat frantically, decided that she didn’t feel low enough now. So, he verbally assaulted her for her lack of planning and preparation, claiming she was holding up the line very rudely.

That was when our hero stepped in. When you hear what he has to say, you won’t believe what happens!
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