One of a kind Christmas light show syncs with ‘Sound of Silence’

The holidays have brought some interesting light creations in the residential neighborhoods. This particular house took it a step further and created their own light show.

Every year, a quiet challenge is issued among neighbors. They want to be ‘the house’ on the block during the holiday season that everyone slows down for. This Christmas, there was an undisputed champion.

One home went the distance with decorations, and then went for the knockout punch with music. The Disturbed cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ was used, and it was glorious.

Instead of just having the music play over flashing lights, they synced everything up. It was a long and painstaking process that was more than worth the time invested. More than a few people had to stop and marvel at the amount of effort that went into this display.

It will be interesting to see what they decide to do for the next year. At this point, the odds of anyone topping them is slim.

When music is synced to lights in a residential setting, the owner has the option of low playing public speakers or an FM transmitter. As extravagant as the entire setup is, it never disturbs the peace of the surrounding neighbors. Now that the bar has been set, it is up to their neighbors to top them with an even better performance.

One of a kind Christmas light show syncs with ‘Sound of Silence’