At One Prison In Iowa, They Are Giving The Inmates Puppies, The Reason Why? BRILLIANT!

The companionship of a pet can’t be underestimated – some people can definitely connect with animals better than they do with humans, loving them like a child. In prison though, many inmates are denied access to human contact, an important part of turn a criminal into an honest man.

So when Leader Dogs for the Blind figured out that their puppies could help out the situation, they set up a program for well-behaved prisoners to take care of a puppy for up to a year!

The organization has been giving inmates this incredible opportunity since 1939, allowing them to take care of the dog all day, every day – before this program, something like this would be unimaginable.

Even with this program, plenty of people feel that the puppies would be better off in a different home than living with an inmate – a notion that Leader Dogs for the Blind is desperately trying to end.

The results speak for themselves, as almost all of the prisoners in the puppy program avoid criminal activity afterwards, a hot-button issue that really needs to be addressed. By forming this bond with another soul, these criminals undergo a change, perhaps realizing the positive impact that each one of us as individuals can have on another’s life, whether it is a person or an animal.

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