One Sassy Attendant Serves a Passenger a Swift Piece of Wit! When I Heard Why, I was Dumbfounded.

Flight attendants go through a lot to try and ensure comfort and security up in the air. Customer service is a huge aspect of most jobs and unfortunately, taking sass on the chin can play a huge role. It’s important to have a quick wit and thick skin in some cases. Usually people argue just to be right, because the adage of “the customers always right,” seems seared into our memories. There was a time when that was true, but with many different areas of the field, there are breaking points.

Sometimes the breaking point is humorous. Which turns the experience into a funny story to share at work. Other times, it can be not so great. Fortunately, this time it was a remarkable retelling of wit and humor. One passengers experience really turned the tide and helped paint the picture of what happened. Her hilarious retelling is a case of hilarity, when she boarded a plane one faithful day.

This flight had had a rather cheerful flight attendant who treated everyone with such a playful manner. Everything the flight attendant did seemed a bit exaggerated, almost as if it was an expression of who they are. I’ve always heard if you got it flaunt it, and man did they flaunt it!

This sassy flight attendant tried to make everyone’s flight an enjoyable one. Making jokes and teasing in a very personal and intimate way. There are those attendants who punch in and punch out and move on with their lives. This helpful soul as not one of those. There was a general feeling of fun and participation required whenever they took to the skies.

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