One Small Routine Can Change Your Entire Life! Smart Advice from a Former Navy Seal…

There are some habits you’re taught as a child that stick with you. Brushing your teeth, washing your hands before a meal, how to tie your shoes. The list could continue. However, while hygiene is very important, one former Navy Seal claims adding this activity to your daily routine will drastically change your life. From occupational impact to achievements that result in satisfaction.

Admiral McRaven is makes his amazingly simple point in Texas. He was asked to give a speech at the University of Texas, in Austin, during a graduation ceremony. To become an Admiral takes a grueling amount of work. What most don’t realize is that fundamentals are a huge part of mastering a skill or task. You can think of it kind of like building a house. Without a sturdy foundation, the house will collapse.

It’s the same reason you don’t see players for the NBA shooting half-court shots during practice. Lay ups are a fundamental. Unless your team is desperately trying to win every single game, while being drastically being behind in score, you’re almost never going to use a half-court shot as a basis for if a player has skill. Layups have a higher chance of not only happening, but a higher probability of succeeding.

What an Admiral of the Navy Seals can teach us with one fundamental technique blew my mind. I never thought of looking to add this simple technique for a higher sense of accomplishment. Thanks to the Admiral, I am not on that path. There has been a visible difference in my mood and feelings of achievement after just a week!

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