One teen’s blockbuster performance goes to show, you really can’t judge a book by the cover.

Being on stage at a life concert can really rattle your nerves. Stage fright can really wreck careers, lower the number of fans you may have, and diminish the popularity of some of the most chart-topping rockers and performers. We’ve all seen how Ashlee Simpson ended her career. Sometimes your nerves outweigh what you think the reward is going to be. Rather, most of the time, you are too blinded by the people in front of you and your survival modes to kick in.

One lucky and enthusiastic fan got the jaw dropping opportunity to get on stage with one of her favorite bands ever, Paramore. The girl almost tripped just getting up on stage and shook with such an elevated level of and overwhelming joy. One of her avid goals at such a young age. She found herself living out her high school dream. As she got up towards the stage she was handed a mic. Paramore sang alongside of her, then suddenly, she got her moment. Her five minutes of fame came and she hit it perfectly. She felt the energy of the rhythm all around her. Got into the moment and entirely owned it.

Paramore was amazingly supportive towards her newest back up and solo vocalists. As they belted out every word in unison. The two made quite the pair. Timing and pitch, the gentle pauses, the emphasis really blew a lid or two. When she decided to jump odd a speaker, this story gets a completely new ending!

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