One Tired Cat Has Cute Conversation With Mom, Could not Believe How Precious This Cat Was!

Sleep is not only essential, but important when it comes to daily life of cats. I’m not sure if it’s a strain for cats to stay awake since their brains are constantly in delta, it could be that their reality is vastly different than ours, or it could be that they are at a more relaxed state than most. Or it could be a state of heightened awareness. All of these are possibly, but happiness from a cat can certainly vary. It may be hard to fully understand all of the effects inside the mind of a cat, but one thing is for sure, the resulting conversation of these two below will fill you with the urge to hug and squeeze the cat to the fullest. I know that I was overwhelmed with the same urge- I just wanted to squeeze these little darling and cuddle with him until we both had a nice siesta.

One cat has quite a busy nap ahead. As they lay down, mom starts asking the tired little dear a multitude of questions, ranging from if they were relaxed to if they were planning on going back to sleep. The cat’s response each time will leave you chuckling, because they honestly seem to be having a conversation. I’m sure many cats have a hint of what people are saying to them, but not all of them do. Even if they did, how would we know? There aren’t many cat’s that can say no.

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