One Twin Was Just About To Pass Away, You Will Want To See What Saved Her!

Touch is an extremely powerful healing source, but up until very recently in the United States, the method has not really received its fair share of attention. A pair of twins was born twelve weeks early on October 17th, 1995 and they were kept in an ICE unit for close watch in Worcester, Massachusetts.  They appeared to be healthy but the parents were rightly told that anything could change with such premature births over the first few days of life.

Right on cue one twin quickly had trouble breathing when she turned three weeks old and she started to turn blue due to complications with her heart and circulatory system. One nurse spoke up with the amazing idea to put the stronger twin in with the weaker one. No one could of ever expected what the outcome would be.

The healthy baby gave the dying baby a hug! To everyone’s amazement the weaker child started to recover right away. Everything else failed to help until she got this hug, showing the healing power of touch. Now skin to skin touch is being used when dealing with only 23 week premature babies, as they respond to the one they hold dear.

The girls from this story are now very strong young women that have gone off to college. This simply form of healing has helped so many others since the word got out about this incredible transformation. Please check it out and leave a comment about this great story and then share it all around.

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