One Of these Two Adorable Hounds Had An Accident! When Mom Asks One To Fess Up? I Was In Stitches!

Animals can be hard to read sometimes. There are times that you’ll come home and find that the place looks like a tornado hit it, but your pet will act like nothing happened. Other times, all you have to do is glance in their direction and they are practically throwing themselves at your feet. “OH… I AM SO BAD! DON’T TAKE AWAY MY TREATS! Pleaseeeeeeeeee!” Then there’s what happens in this video.

The brief, but hilarious video shows two dogs, one Yorkie and one Chihuahua mix, sitting next to each other in the kitchen. Apparently one of them left a gift of poop on the kitchen floor. Mom calmly asks them, “Who pooped on the kitchen floor?” The Yorkie immediately puts his paw on the Chihuahua’s head. Snitch. It would have been funny if the Chihuahua looked at the Yorkie with an expression like, “I TRUSTED YOU, MAN!”

Apparently, the Yorkie missed the whole “Never Snitch On Your Friend” seminar. He gave him up so fast that the Chihuahua didn’t know what hit him. Now he’ll be spending the next few weeks plotting how to frame the Yorkie for something he didn’t do. “Oh… that vase over there. I’ll just push it off the table over there and then call you into the same area….” The revenge may be served either hot or cold, but there WILL be payback, mark my words.

It’s also entirely possible that the two of them will forget what happened five minutes later. It’s not like either breed is known for a long memory. Chances are good that neither of them were really punished – they’re too cute for that. Mommy just probably cleaned up the poop and everyone went on with their day. That Yorkie probably had to sleep with one eye open that night, though. Just to be sure.

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