One year-old flower girl is walking down aisle, everyone is all smiles when she sees the groom

A wedding is a major life event for anyone — no wonder it’s often referred to as “the big day.” A couple is officially affirming their commitment to one another and unless it’s an elopement, sharing the joyous occasion with friends and family. Whether the event is smaller and more casual or larger and very formal, weddings abound in traditions.

One of those traditions is the flower girl. She’s usually a daughter of a close friend or relative and her job is to walk down the aisle and scatter flower petals on the floor just before the bride appears. Similar traditions go back at least to ancient Rome and represent wishes for good fortune and fertility. The flower girl often wears a dress similar to the bride’s and can be taken to symbolize the bride in her childhood.

The flower girl you’ll see in the video posted below is a lot younger than the norm. She’s only a year old! Her dress is so fluffy it’s almost as wide as she is tall — we can presume the bride’s dress is a bit different — but it’s perfect for this flower girl. The whole thing has to be a bit confusing for her, what with all the people, fuss, and dressing up. She’s looking around with amazement at everyone and everything. It’s actually her parents who are getting married and when her dad, who’s already at the altar, calls for her, she hears him but can’t find him amid the sea of faces. But then someone points and tells her, “Go see daddy” and that’s when she spots him. Who knew a toddler could run like that! He sweeps her up in a wonderfully loving embrace.

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