When He Opened Up The Trap, He Almost Had A Heart Attack After Seeing THIS Staring Back At Him!

Trapping animals is definitely not a cool thing to do, but if you are going to do it, live-trapping is the best way. This father was teaching his son’s how to trap animals for some reason, but when they went to check the trap one morning, they were amazed to see THIS peering out at them!

According to the video, this family checks the trap every morning, typically finding small animals like foxes. Thankfully they don’t kill the animals, but rather play with them for a bit and them let them go unharmed.

The danger really ramped up a few days ago, when they checked the trap and found a fully grown mountain lion staring out at them with ferocious eyes. When the camera panned over the lion, my heart stopped for a second – I can’t imagine what it was like to see this in real life!

Obviously the dangerous animal was a bit angry because of the whole being trapped alive thing, and so releasing it became a whole other problem in itself. Mountain lions are incredibly dangerous, and if done the wrong way Justin could have really suffered some serious damage.

His wife heads to the car to tape the release, staying as far away as she could. I would be so worried if my significant other had to face a mountain lion right in front of me… I can’t imagine how she was feeling.

After he opens the cage, he looks up at the camera apprehensively. “You got a good shot in there?” he asks his wife, wanting to make sure she captured this awesome moment. The swift feline quickly sprints out of the cage, unharmed. Thankfully no one got hurt!

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