Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli Gives Moving Performance on Easter in Empty Milan Cathedral

Most churches and cathedrals have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. That doesn’t stop famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli from performing a concert on Easter Sunday. In an empty cathedral in Milan, he takes the stage for the world to see.

Bocelli decided to film his “Music for Hope” concert at the Duomo cathedral. Since the audience wasn’t able to attend, he filmed the entire thing for people to enjoy on Youtube. By singing famous works from Bach and Pietro Mascagni, Bocelli impressed millions.

The concert quickly made it to the top spot on Youtube’s trending page. The talented singer said, “I believe in the strength of praying together. I believe in the Christian Easter, a universal symbol of rebirth that everyone, whether they are believers or not, truly needs right now.”

The only person in the cathedral besides Andrea was Emanuele Vianelli, the cathedral’s organist. People all over were able to enjoy his concert. Even actor Hugh Jackman said he was moved by the emotional performance.