Opera Singer Started Singing THIS On The Streets. Now Keep A Close Eye On His Baby Daughter!

Opera singers are a joy to listen to. They are so meticulous and they don’t let a single melody go out of tune when they perform. Listening to them is like being serenaded by angels. It seems as if everything needs to perfect for them, doesn’t it? However, as this video shows, they can do without perfect as long as there’s some cute involved.

Eduard Pazhik is a classically trained opera singer. In this clip, we can see him performing beautifully on the streets. Though he is incredible, he was not the main attraction at the town square of Cracow, Poland that day. His baby daughter, Marianna, who is right by his side, grabbed all the attention. Wait till you see how she harmonizes along with her daddy! What an adorable little singer she is!

There is a crowd watching them, but we can’t see them in the clip. I’m not sure who filmed this, but I’m glad they decided to share it. Pazhik’s daughter joins him for a performance on the street this day, and she sings right along with him. I’m not sure what language they are singing in, but the little girl is amazing!

She knows all the words and sings right along with him, never missing a beat. But at the end of the song, he stops singing and she carries on as if she doesn’t even notice. She’s incredible.

Watch this cute video below! What did you think of this? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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