This Orangutan Is Completely Devoted To Tiger Cubs That He Adopted! OMG!

Animals are capable of loving unconditionally. Proof of this is the adorable occurrences of animals adopting species different from their own. Cats and dogs are the best examples of kind mothers taking in another into their clan. The following clip gives another, rarer example, of an orangutan accepting and playing with tiger cubs. Brace yourself for the imminent cuteness!

We can learn a thing or two from this adorable orangutan. He’s a true caregiver at heart, and the moment he sees the tiger cubs, he knows exactly what to do. He’s a surrogate mother to them, whether they like it or not!

He plays and cares for these tiger cubs every day, and it’s truly precious to see such different animals get along so well. How adorable! As I said it is a true measure of the kindness of animals to be able to witness such a display of selfless love that defies natural instincts. The tiger cubs in turn show us how innocence is truly exceedingly pure and the power of acceptance that it can give any baby of any species.

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