Orangutan mom has a hilariously difficult time with her energetic youngster

As anyone with kids knows, parenting is highly rewarding but almost never easy. Just consider how kids are always bursting with energy, especially at times when you’d really prefer some peace and quiet. Of course, kids can’t help it and they’re going to burn that energy off one way or another. We humans aren’t the only ones who face this challenge. It should come as no surprise that our fellow primates are in the same boat. Orangutans, for example…

Orangutans — there are actually three similar species of orangutan — are native to the tropical forests of Borneo and Sumatra. And they do love trees. In fact, that’s where they spend most of their time, even to the point of building nests! Their long arms and ability to grip objects with their hands or feet make them well adapted to a life in the leafy canopy. They’re among the most intelligent apes and are known to make use of rudimentary tools, something rare in the animal kingdom.

Needless to say, a brainy and agile orangutan will have babies who are also brainy and agile. As you’ll see in the hilarious video posted below, this means that an energetic little orangutan can be a real headache for his mother! They’d been playing on a climbing structure at the wildlife conservation center where they live but mom decided it was time to get going. Her little one, however, was having a great time swinging on the ropes and climbing up high and he’s determined to stay. Let’s just say that arms and legs adapted for life in the trees turn out to be good for pulling a misbehaving youngster along with you! Despite mom’s best efforts, including an expert tackle, the little fellow gets away and joyfully returns to the climbing structure. After some acrobatics, he gives up but mom still has to literally drag him away!

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