Orangutan Sees Very Pregnant Woman At The Zoo, Reaction Stuns The Crowd

There’s something fascinating about pregnant women. The fact that they are literally carrying another person with them for nine months is still mind-boggling… and I already have a son! The human body is amazing in what it can do to sustain not one person but two. Humans aren’t the only one knocked off their feet by this news – witness this video of an encounter between a woman and an animal at a zoo.

A pregnant couple went to the Colchester Zoo, which is in England. They walked by an orangutan exhibit and one of them displayed an interest in the woman’s belly, since she was quite far along in her pregnancy. Humoring the orangutan, she pulled up her shirt to expose her belly and they managed to record a beautiful scene with the two of them – separated by glass, of course.

The orangutan is fascinated by the mother-to-be’s belly. He points at it a couple of times, he presses his forehead against the glass, like he’s trying to put his head against her belly and he even puckers his lips and kisses the area of the belly on the glass. He knows that a baby is living in there and he’s trying to bestow his blessings upon it. The people filming this said he even shed a tear!

Stuff like this always happens to other people. The last time I went to see the primates exhibits at the zoo, they were all sleeping. I know it’s all about timing, but the animals all seem to time themselves to do nothing when I’m there, no matter the time of day – morning, afternoon, evening. Sunny, cloudy. I’m an optimist, though, so hopefully my next trip will be the one that turns out to be exciting.

Wasn’t that amazing? No wonder this video has racked up over three million views since it was uploaded in January 2016.

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