This Orangutan Could Tell This Woman Was Pregnant And Suddenly Became VERY Emotional

Expecting a new baby is an exciting and wonderful experience for everyone involved. It is a time when we can experience the joys of new life as well as all of the memories that we will soon have. Oftentimes, even complete strangers will seem happy for us when they realize that we will soon be a new mother or father, but who would have guessed that animals can feel the same wonder and joy for an expecting mother.

This expecting couple is at the zoo, and the Orangutan has taken a clear interest in them. Looking through the glass, it is clear that this Orangutan can tell that the woman is pregnant, and he seems overjoyed, almost as though he is congratulating the couple, letting them know just how happy he is for them.

This is an absolutely incredible moment to watch. It is unbelievable that their can be such a clear connection between humans and apes, and the way that this orangutan expresses his joy for them is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen all year.

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