Orangutans do the darndest things, especially when they want attention.

With apes, there’s seldom a dull moment. That’s certainly the case here, where a young orangutan was determined to get attention from one of his friends. His attention seeking behavior was nothing if not creative — and also very funny.

Orangutans are native to the tropical forests of Borneo and Sumatra. Not surprisingly, they’re very much at home up in the trees, to the point that they build nests. Interestingly, their name comes from the Malay and Indonesian words for the forest (hutan) and person (orang). They have long arms and can grip objects (like tree branches) with both their hands and feet. Not only does this make them well adapted for life up in the leafy canopy, but it also helps them make use of rudimentary tools. This is rare in the animal kingdom and just one sign that orangutans are among the most intelligent of apes. Sadly, orangutans are a severely endangered species, chiefly because of habitat destruction.

Some people are dedicated to preventing the extinction of these marvelous apes. One outstanding group is Save the Orangutan. For over a decade, they’ve been working hard not only to stop the clearance of rainforest but also at rescuing and rehabilitating individual orangutans. They have a facility where more than 500 of them are cared for and get to learn the skills they’ll need when they’re eventually returned to the rainforest.

In the video posted below, you’ll see a young orangutan at the Nyaru Menteng rescue center using a unique method to get another orangutan’s attention. He uses a sack as a kind of costume! The other orangutan seems to have better things to do, but persistence does finally lead to a sort of wrestling match.

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