In order to sing these elephants to sleep, this caretaker swats them to the ground.

Elephants are some of the most beautifully mesmerizing and intelligent creatures on the planet. While all animals have their own special characteristics that bring us to cherish them individually, there’s just something about elephants that stand out. These brilliant animals are able to connect with us in truly special ways, and it’s important to try and preserve their sanctuaries as best we can, providing them with the best care possible and keeping their habitats in good shape.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, workers at the Elephant Nature Park do their part to ensure that their animals are taken care of properly and that they preserve the habitat for them. With an immense amount of care towards their animals, it became strange when it was discovered that a video of a woman swatting the elephants was going around. While Lek seems like your average worker, she has a magic touch that brings about a truly sensational reaction from the elephants.

It’s quite alarming at first, as you watch Lek swat the gigantic animals’ stomachs for seemingly no reason. While they don’t seem to be any pain, it’s hard to tell why this elephant keeper is performing such an act. Finally, though, the action’s purpose becomes clear. The elephants grow sleepy, presumably soothed by Lek’s gentle swatting, and start to lie down. The creatures actually understand that her tapping means it’s time for them to take a rest!

Once they’re on the ground, Lek takes it to the next level by singing these magnificent creatures to sleep. Her calming voice allows the animals to drift off peacefully, following a routine that she developed with the very same elephants years ago when she first started taking care of them.

You have to watch this beautiful process unfold! Check out the video and share with your friends. Then, leave your thoughts down below!