This Had Been An Ordinary Show, Until This Little Boy Totally Stole The Spotlight

Some kids are known for stealing the spotlight. No matter where they are, they either beg for attention or naturally receive it due to how adorable, comical, and talented they can be. In 2013, an ordinary Rascal Flatts concert in Pikeville, Kentucky was hijacked by an adorable little kid who loved to dance. The show’s attendees were given quite a treat thanks to this boy’s routine, which he kicked off in the middle of an amazing performance from the band. You’ll understand how easily he stole the show when you see the clip for yourself. It’s beyond cute!

The show was in full swing when the boy left his seat and started dancing all by himself. Though he was busting a move alone, he had the audience totally floored. This kid was clearly very passionate and excited about the music! Though everyone was there for the band, they couldn’t help but watch this kid go crazy. This clip went viral as soon as it went live, and it’s easy to see why!

He seemed to be getting a real kick out of his own performance, and everyone around him was enjoying it just as much! There’s no doubt that this kid was born with a natural gift for entertaining others. He even had the audience cheering for him as he danced! You’re going to love this little boy’s moves. He’s such a cutie!

Don’t miss out on this hilarious clip from the show. There’s no questioning why so many people adore this kid! He’s talented, funny, and really knows how to put on a show! Maybe someday he’ll be the one on the stage! Check out the video of his dance and leave your thoughts for us down in the comments. Then, share the clip with your friends and family!