Orphan Kitten Depressed Without A Mommy Finds A Big New Family

Everyone rushes to the aid of a newborn kitten when it’s been abandoned by its mother, especially because they seem so frail and helpless. No one wants the kitten to die and everyone is eager to provide the necessary care that a kitten might need during these desperate times. It was no different in this case when a newborn grey kitten was found all by herself and needed help in order to survive.

The members of VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) decided to help this little kitten out by providing it with its own feline foster family. They had one mama cat who had recently given birth to a litter of six kittens, so the volunteers figured what’s one more? Sure enough, the mother cat adopted the young kitten into her litter and accept it as one of her own, despite the kitten being almost two weeks younger than its new siblings. Some cats have a wonderfully generous nature and make great foster mothers to kittens in need.

Named Vivi, she even shows her appreciation to her adoptive mother by cuddling with her every chance she gets. We don’t know why Vivi was abandoned by her own mother. There can be numerous reasons why this happens, but what we do know is that Vivi was given a second chance by this wonderful rescue organization and this foster mom.

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